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The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for pupils from Grade 2 to Grade 7. It is the philosophy that these activities be offered to the majority and so mass participation is encouraged. At the same time we give those pupils with specific abilities the opportunity to extend themselves at a higher Zonal, Inter Zonal or Provincial level. Those who do achieve the above, are awarded School Colours or School Honours. An Annual Inter-House Swimming Gala and Sports Day is organized separately for the Foundation Phase and the Senior Primary Phase. From time to time various outside organisations offer private coaching in a variety of activities for all ages, including, Soccer, Ballet, Modern Dance, Cricket, Baseball, Water Polo, Advanced Swimming lessons and Drummies. This information is made available to parents via their children. 

Every pupil from Grade 2 to Grade 7 is encouraged to participate in at least one organised activity per term. An Extra Curricular programme is sent home during the first week of each new term. The programme offered for that term is explained and pupils then ‘enrol’. Once they have indicated their desire to participate, we insist that they persevere and in doing so, they learn commitment. If you/ your child are unable to attend an organised practice, an excuse note addressed to the teacher in charge of that activity is required. The Extra Curricular programme is not offered in the first or last week of school term.

Activities we offer


Athletics is a combination of running and field events.  We have an Annual Inter House Athletics day where every pupil is encouraged to participate.

The school athletics team participates in Inter-schools athletics competitions against other local schools.

Ball Skills

Playing with a ball can be incredibly beneficial to a child as it helps with the development of many skills such as; aiming for a target, hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye co-ordination, throwing, kicking, catching skill, to name just a few.


Cricket is played in the 1st and 4th terms.  This is a team sport played against another team.  In matches when one team is batting it must try to score runs while the other team fields and tries to prevent them form scoring runs, both teams have turns to bat and field.  Matches are played against other local schools.

Cross Country Running

Cross country running is where a pupil will run on an outside course over natural terrain such as dirt or grass.   Cross country competitions are done both individually and as a school team.  The participants practice a few days a week early before school begins.


This is a sport that is played by both the boys and girls.  The girls play in the 2nd term and the boys in the 3rd term.  Matches are played against other local schools.


Netball is a team sport specifically for the girls. The team has to score goals by passing the ball down the court and shooting it through the goal ring.  Matches are played against other local schools.


Mini-Cricket is for the Foundation and Junior Phase pupils, it is an introduction to cricket played with a soft ball. This gives the pupils the opportunity to participate in a team sport while learning how to play the game.



Every pupil is taught to swim during their PE lessons in Terms 1 and 4. Many children learn to swim outside of school but for some school is the only opportunity they have to learn this lifesaving skill. 

An Annual Inter House Swimming Gala is held, for the Foundation and Junior Phase pupils the focus is on fun and participation.  The Senior Phase learners are a bit more competitive and participation is individual races an relay races.

We have a school swimming team which participates in Inter-schools Galas


Played by both boys and girls, it is a lot of fun with two teams playing against each other trying to score a goal in the opposing teams net without using their arms or hands.  Matches are played against other schools.

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